News Feature: Local Business Use HYPE Marketing To Build Trust and Traffic

hype brand management

Watch how we use social media and digital marketing to help local businesses get consumers through their doors.

Wells, K. (2021, June 26). Going Digital during the pandemic pays off for local businesses. hype. Retrieved November 2, 2021, from

The power of social media has been well documented in recent years. It’s a news staple that companies, celebrities, and other public figures have been using platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to connect with fans and build a massive following. But what about local businesses? Do the rules of social media apply to businesses outside the big city lights?
When you think of the word HYPE, what words come to mind? Over-hyped? Excited? Well maybe not overly excited; But you should be! For me, HYPE is the result of great marketing that brings customers through your doors or improves your social presence. We constantly think of and perfect ways we can use social media and digital marketing to help local and small businesses and we do just that!